What is a standard shipping container size? 

Shipping containers come in a range of shapes & sizes - luckily at CDB we do them all, and if that’s not enough for you, we also do custom sizes on request.  

For a breakdown of standard dimensions see below: L 10ft / 20ft / 30ft / 40ft / 45ft W 2400mm External / 2250mm Internal H Standard Container 2600mm External / 2250mm Internal High Cubed Container 2900 External / 2650mm Internal 

For a full breakdown of all external, internal measurements, please check our shipping container dimensions.

  How do you deliver & where do you deliver? 

We deliver your converted container using a standard HIAB operated lorry which is more then capable of lifting over small fences, bushes etc. It needs good access to position itself with extendable feet on either side of the lorry while in operation which gives a span up to 6-8m Wide x 10-14m L depending on the size of the container. If access is restricted, we can arrange for a fully insured lift plan & crane operator to lift the container into position for you. A site survey would need to be undertaken by the crane operator prior to ordering a container which may incur an upfront cost. 

In terms of location, our standard pricing includes UK mainland, but we have been known to go much further afield, from the top of Scotland to the south coast.

Can you export overseas?

Yes, we can recertify our containers after modification with new CSC plates for exporting overseas. Typical costs vary country by country but typically can ship to any country worldwide for approx $2000 - 3000$.

Can I have a wet-room and Kitchenette fitted in the container? 

Yes, absolutely, all our projects are designed and built to your own specification, so it is not a problem to have a wet-room or kitchenette installed. Whilst we do full design + build, we tend not to get too involved in on-site works so you would need to contact and arrange with a local builder / plumber to connect the unit - the exact detailed location & type of fittings will be specified during the design phase - typically 15mm/22mm water supply, 40mm for water waste & 110mm soil pipe for effluent/sewage. Note: if going into mains sewage, please check with your local planning authority first as planning permission may not be required for the container, but may be required for connecting into the mains sewer.  

  Sewer too far away? No problem, there are other options for more isolated installs such as septic tanks and soak away’s.  

Can I use my converted shipping container all year round? 

Yes, you can, converted containers make excellent spaces all year round. We use a spray foam insulation which creates a vapour barrier to prevent condensation, once they have warmed up to the desired temperature they retain the heat very well, and in summer they keep cool.  

Whatsmore, our containers done to BS3632:2015 park home spec are certified for living all year round and acceptable on most major leisure parks for such use. 

Do I need planning permission for a converted container?  

This is perhaps our most commonly asked question. That depends on use. As long as not a conservation area and using the container as a ancillary garden room/ office/ art studio/gym, then the container due to size & shape as long as placed in the correct position, would come under a permitted development and therefore not require planning permission, and if required you can apply for a 'permitted development certificate' before proceeding with your build for peace of mind.  

Our BS3632:2015 park home models can also generally be used for family own personal use but we do always advise you contact your local authority for advice as each site has its own conditions attached.  

If you are considering living/sleeping in your converted shipping container generally you will need to apply for planning permission. Whilst we don’t handle planning applications ourselves, we may be able to assist with your instructed planning consultant / architect if they have any questions. 

Do you offer a design service? 

We sure do at CDB every project is bespoke in design & build to the customers exact detailed specifications. We have a 3 step design process which starts with an initial consultation/sketch - you can even email us your own mock up by using this handy shipping container layout.

Our second stage is AutoCAD layout with side elevations showing you the exact location, layout & measurements of details such as sockets, windows, doors, partition walls etc. We can revise this as many times as you like until we get it just right. 

The final step once the AutoCAD drawings are approved & signed off is the 3D visuals, which whilst not photo realistic but helps you imagine your space & finish materials from 3 different angles. 

Whilst we aim to turn the layouts around in 3-5 days and 3D visuals in 7-10 days, this process can often be quicker or longer depending on how responsive the client is to changes & approvals. Furthermore, whilst we do have a small upfront charge for this service (£250.00 ex VAT), we do endeavour to credit this back when placing an order with ourselves. 

Finally, whilst the design service is accurate and detailed and has been used to support some customers on applications etc. we do not guarantee/advise that the supplied design be relied upon for permitted development/planning applications. If needed, we recommend you contact a planning consultant or architect to provide such scale drawings & block plans. 

What is the typical lead time? 

Whilst we endeavour to turn most projects around in 6-10 weeks, the actual lead time depends on the spec of the project. For instance, large full side bi-fold doors & windows can be 8 weeks alone to manufacture from our suppliers, so we will always advise a realistic lead time depending on the spec and current production line capacity at point of quotation. If you need if quicker, do let us know and we will always do our best to help where we can.  

Do I need foundations? 

Generally, you don’t full concrete bases/foundations, in most cases concrete slabs, pads, treated timber or portable building foundations on each corner are suffice. That said, every project &&location is specific the set-up, use and ground conditions so please check before ordering.  

Do you used New or Used containers? 

At CDB, we use both, from 10-15-year-old used containers that have travelled the world carrying various amounts of cargo, to one-shipper/new containers that have often been built in the far east and used once to transport goods.  

All projects are guaranteed wind & &atertight and cleaned up cosmetically freshly primed & &ainted a choice of RAL colours so the only difference is cosmetic, in a used container due to its age and history, it may have a few cosmetic dents & &nockers here and there, but due to the nature of the supply chain we are unable to confirm the level of dents or provide photos prior to ordering. If in doubt, we recommend, whilst a slight increase in cost that you go for new containers which are cosmetically pristine. Whatsmore, we do offer a external timber cladding option which although freshly primed & &ainted, avoids any doubt or worry about cosmetic damage etc. 


How long to shipping containers last? 

That depends on a number of criteria, namely around environment & maintenance. However, an unmaintained new shipping container in a standard urban environment can will be cargo worthy for around 25 years. Remember these things are built for the harshest of conditions around the world, in saltine sea environments and transported from port to port with heavy loads.  

What paint do you use/offer? 

We offer any RAL colour finish as all our projects are bespoke. The paint we used is a single coat anticorrosive coating, specially developed for dry cargo transport containers, ISO tank containers and anti vandal industrial steel fabrications. It contains zinc phosphate anticorrosive pigment and thus offers a high level of anticorrosive protection in aggressive environments, tested for resistance to BS148 transformer oil for 196 hours at 90˚C at approx. 100 µm.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at hello@containerconversiondb.co.uk and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.  

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