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What is more
portable than a shipping container?

They have revolutionised globalisation and are now set to revolutionise the construction industry. At Container Design & Build (CDB), we bring your ideas to life by converting shipping containers into quality office space, retail units and more. Whether you’re looking for added space or an annexe at home, creating an inspiring workspace, or looking to turn heads on the high street in the events & PR sector, our experience within cargotecture can help bring those ideas to life. All our containers are converted in the UK. We give them a fresh lease on life as your new creative space through world-leading design & build. Interested? Contact us below for a free consultation.

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UK Converted Shipping Container Design & Build.

Experienced in Shipping Container

Conversions & Fit-outs

CDB collectively have more than 25 years’ combined experience in project management, interior design & event installation. We understand cargotecture and can match that to your needs by creating your perfect converted shipping container home, office or pop-up space.


Building Blocks

At CDB, we see things differently. The bulky 2-tonne steel box which has travelled the world & seen more cargo than most could ever dream of, is the idyllic building block in a craft referred to as 'cargotecture'.


Visualise Your Dream

Whether you’re looking to add that garden home office or annexe, open a pop-up restaurant & cafe or creative an inspirational, unique workspace for your business, we can help you visualise your dreams with our high-end design, fabricated shipping container spaces.


Ideas into Reality

Our UK design team will work diligently to help you draw up a brief and realise your goal, supported by both 3D visualisations & architectural blueprints. Work doesn't commence until it's 100% signed-off by both the client & the team, in which the design team are then tasked with bringing those ideas into reality, working closely alongside the workshop to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship throughout.


Grand Reveal

The final step and perhaps the most exciting is commissioning day—in which we deliver, install and celebrate the widely anticipated grand reveal to you the client.

We Love a Good Project...

Here are just a few types of container projects we work on.

Shipping Container Home & Domestic


Looking to add that extra space at home? Or perhaps a garden office? As a temporary structure, converted container spaces do not generally require planning permission and can, therefore, be an attractive option.

Commercial Spaces


To date, we have created some of the UK's most creative workspaces, from offices & studies to pop up restaurants, bars, ticket counters & cafes. If you’re looking to create additional space for your business or turn heads on the high street, get in touch.

Shipping Container Events and Exhibition


Whether attending an exhibition and looking to stand out in the hall or undertaking a roadshow that needs to be installed & removed in efficient time, a converted shipping container is the ideal unit to fulfil your needs.


Our Services & How We work

CDB 3D Modeling and Visualisation


Converted shipping container spaces enable us to produce such creative spaces & design briefs; therefore, no 2 cargotecture projects are the same. We help clients to visualise their ideas before bringing them to life, whether painting a wall or outfitting the unit with unique and functional furniture.



Functionality is key to making the most of any space. We work with clients to understand their needs from a shipping container space and ensure the final design suits the desired use and application.

Example Layouts
CDB Contain Custom Design


Steel shipping container conversions bring about interesting concepts & materials to work with. Our experienced team ensures each design is tailored & personalised to each & every client—making each space, whether home or office, truly unique & a perfect fit.

Our Brochure


"Solid build & head-turning design mean our shipping container for events are more efficient & effective."

- Stock Displays - Events Team

"Being self-employed, I wanted a garden office. A converted container office from CBD was the perfect solution."

- Georgia Jones - Home Garden Office

CDB Meeting

Let’s get moving.

We’re looking forward to meeting you & discussing the options available to deliver on your objectives & brief for a UK converted shipping container space. Call us, email us or leave a message, and a member of our cargotecture team will be in touch to explore how we can fulfil your goals with a converted shipping container.